What is Waste Yarn?


Waste Yarn refers to both the yarns that are utilized behind the scenes in the knitting process that help cast on or off the main knit and/or assemble two panels, and also to the yarns that are leftover after production. Typically there isn’t enough yardage of these yarns to utilize them for subsequent orders, so they often accumulate on factory floors or are discarded. We saw this yarn not as waste but as an opportunity for something new and unique.  


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The Wheel of Fortune 

After years of experimentation on how to best utilize these leftovers, we developed our own system of yarn color-and-ply-combining, now called the WYP Wheel of Fortune. 

The Wheel is based on our own Color Theory, which places chance expression at the center of the design process. So while the yarns utilized are “random” (i.e. determined by the wheel), once knitted together they are guaranteed to be harmonized with balanced material blends, ensuring an always-soft hand feel and durability in the final product.

It’s like magic, but not, because we designed it to be that way!

Start to Finish

Our process is informed by intentionally making use of what is already left over. We find and collect our waste yarns and sort them by color, material type and ply. Our artisans then spin the Wheel of Fortune to provide a guide for which yarns to utilize, by color and material content, for each piece.  

 Each WYP knit is made by hand and takes approximately twelve hours from start to finish, passing through the hands of two to three artisans in the process. We knit the waste yarn by methods that ensure the quality and longevity of the garment; our method of production is slow, methodical and makes use of all waste! And if you care for your WYP knit with a similar spirit (see our care guide here), you’ll be able to wear and rewear it for years to come –  and perhaps one day pass it along to someone you love.