WYP made by chance!


a film by Noah Sheldon


with over a decade of knitwear experience in some of the world’s premier fashion houses,
we have regularly observed factories with scores of boxes full of left over yarns from old production and trials.
each box holding different colours and material composition. the amount left is either too limited for a new production run, the colours or compositions are not good for the new 'season' or its just too complicated to sort out all these small amounts of left overs.
so they just sit there. 

a sleeping mountain of yarn waiting to be put into use.

what if with limited interference, this material were reimagined? woken up again by a playful and pragmatic system into a new world with a new story.

that is what we set out to do.

each Waste Yarn Project garment is made entirely from this surplus yarn - knitted by hand on a manual machine. the shape is thoughtfully designed but each garment has a different combination of yarn and colours determined by a system of chance.

each finished garment is therefore a one-of-a-kind design and numbered to reflect that.