Waste Yarn Project is an initiative that repurposes surplus yarns to create one-of-a-kind knitwear. Our process is guided by a system of controlled randomness that places chance expression at its heart. 


Beginning with what we find, our unique combinations of yarns across spectrums of color are determined by spinning a color wheel that we took over a year to develop. (More on that here). Every spin on the WYP Wheel of Fortune produces a singular result, so we number each piece to reflect this unique nature.


“I’ve always had a love for the waste yarn - the way the color of the random threads often clash so perfectly with the main knit. This element of the unfamiliar, strange and intriguing, is hard to consciously design. It can only really happen by chance.”

Siri Johansen, Co-founder and Designer, WYP




Siri and Seb photographed in what is now the WYP workshop.

Poto: Noah Sheldon


Siri & Seb started WYP as two long standing colleauges-turned-friends who shared the common vision of finding meaningful solutions to correct for some of the negative impacts created by the knitwear industry.


WYP is the product of their respective expertises: an aptitude for manufacturing and production innovation from Sebastien, founder and owner of Maestro Knitting, and with the mastery of the craft of knitwear, a keen design sensibility and a problem-solving mind from Siri, designer with over a decade of experience for different fashion brands. Combined, they’ve lived and worked in seven countries and now reside in France with their families – Siri in Paris and Seb in Marseille.