WYP PYM is an ongoing collaboration between the artist Celia Pym and designer Siri Johansen, Co-Founder of Waste Yarn Project. It’s a space for play and exchange between the two longterm friends. It started with ‘Test’ sweater, where Celia is adding ‘DARNING DRAWINGS’ and sample patches onto a WYP sweater, treating it as a sketchpad. The base stitch for the WYP sweaters, the half cardigan stitch, is a perfect base for the overlaying woven darn stitch.The latter creating a pattern that adds texture to the surface and feels like a perfect fit.


This project is a work in progress with no clear definition for its future besides a joint commitment to continue to play and experiment on what we love most – leftover yarns and textiles.


It is a slow process, testing and figuring out how to collaborate and what to make. At this present time two blankets from Celia’s Mended Paper Bag series have been made, as well as scarfs and beanies using embroidery ideas from 'test' sweater. Another part of the collaboration is hosting talks and mending workshops. 


A small selection of hats and scarf are for sale in the WYP Oslo store, get in touch if you are interested and we can send photos!! 




Who is Celia Pym? 

Celia Pym is an artist living and working in London. She has been exploring damage and repair in textiles since 2007. Working with garments that belong to individuals as well as items in museum archives, she has extensive experience with the spectrum and stories of damage. Pym’s work has been exhibited at V&A museum, Somerset House, Welcome Collection and Herald Street.