The WYP PYM collaboration is born from friendship.


Their friend Mette Juul a photographer based in Copenhagen invited them to come and stay for a long weekend. Over the course of that visit they photographed the WYP PYM test sweater, samples of the Paper Bag Blanket, scarves and beanies in action. Between breakfast and snacks and lunch and children; between the house and the garden; between football and train sets and toys they had a lot of fun photographing everyone who threw themselves into modelling the knitwear.


The background action is half the pleasure of the photographs. The action that might normally be edited out – dressing the models; behind the scenes; before we were dressed is all included.


The children were essential part of the day - working with and around them.


It was a special day with Mette’s calm encouragement and eye moving us around the house and taking pictures.