Wash your jumper inside out
and only when absolutely necessary!
Over washing is damaging both for your knit and the environment.

Hand wash
with gentle hand wash detergents. 
If washing by machine, choose a hand wash cycle that will lessen the agitation of the knitwear in the drum.

Avoid using fabric softeners
these will soften the fibres making them more prone to forming a bobble.

Air dry your WYP jumper
ideally laid flat on a towel.
Heat and friction from the dryer causes pilling, so avoid this at all cost.

Chunky knitwear is prone to pilling
so if bobbles do appear, use an electric fabric shaver or a knitwear de-pilling comb to remove them.

A WYP knit comb comes with every purchase to help care for your knit!



Care for you WYP knits the right way and they will bring happiness for a long time!