ODDS are generative sweaters by Tribute Brand in collaboration with Waste Yarn Project and Chromie Squiggle. Each sweater is derived from the on-chain source code of Chromie Squiggle.

Tribute Brand transforms the Chromie Squiggle source code to generate unique physical and digital wearables linked to individual Chromie Squiggles, with each item being uniquely tied to its owner but instantly recognizable as 1of1ofX to everyone.




Made from available surplus yarns, the sweaters won't always match your Squiggle colors perfectly, creating an oddly beautiful, one-of-a-kind & zero-waste, generative sweater. 



What is Tribute Brand?


Operating as a collective at the intersection of fashion and tech, Tribute Brand revolutionized the digital fashion industry and brought it to the mainstream. Since its launch in 2020, they’ve gained a global following and collaborated with well-known luxury fashion houses along the way. Today, the digital fashion world is synonymous with the iconic looks that Tribute Brand has pioneered. Providing their own infrastructure, aimed at the generation that sees fashion as a tool for self-expression in both physical and virtual spaces, their products can be experienced in various realities.


What is Chromie Squiggle?


Created by Erick Calderon, pseudonymously known as Snowfro, Chromie Squiggles are the genesis project of Art Blocks, a platform for generative art projects, and one of the most important generative art projects on the blockchain. Chromie Squiggles are unique for pioneering new ways for people to interact with digital art, they are both animated and interactive. Before Art Block’s innovation, generative outputs were mostly curated, while Chromie Squiggles introduced a new model where every piece of art created was minted directly from the collector through a contract.


What are ODDS?


ODDS are generative sweaters by TRIBUTE BRAND in collaboration with WASTE YARN PROJECT and CHROMIE SQUIGGLE. The partnership results in unique zero waste physical sweaters from surplus yarns derived from the source code of Chromie Squiggle.